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Farerun Terms and Conditions for Passengers

Farerun is a web-based application facilitating transportation service requests to registered transportation service providers. Farerun is operated by the private limited company, Farerun Operations Ltd. (registration number RC1737110), established in Nigeria, and acts as the rights holder, service provider, and operator of the Farerun app in Nigeria.

1. Using the Farerun App

1.1 The utilization of the Farerun app requires software installation and user account registration. The user's mobile number is linked to the user account during app installation.

1.2 Users can choose to pay in cash or via in-app payment for transportation services. Once a payment option is selected, it cannot be changed on transit by the user. However, changes can be made after a trip is successfully completed.

1.3 For any complaints, contact our support team via email at support@farerun.com, through the Farerun app support button, or by calling our support line at 07001237788, available on weekdays from 9 am - 5 pm.

2. Farerun In-App Payment Conditions

2.1 In-app payments can be made by users who have linked their card to the Farerun app.

2.2 Farerun Operations Ltd. receives the payment and forwards it to the transportation service provider.

2.3 A service fee is added for each transportation service order, including payment commission fees. The fee is displayed in the app.

2.4 Card payments are processed through a trusted payment intermediary, subject to their Terms & Conditions.

2.5 Farerun is responsible for the functioning of card payments and provides support for resolving payment-related issues.

2.6 Farerun acts as the economic agent of transportation service providers in in-app payments. The customer's obligation to the service provider is fulfilled upon payment order.

3. Ordering or Canceling a Transportation Service

3.1 Once a driver confirms service receipt, transportation is considered pre-ordered.

3.2 Canceling an ordered transportation occurs when the driver is notified, and the user waives the service after notification.

3.3 Canceling occurs if the user or ordered individuals don't appear within 8 minutes of the driver's arrival notification.

3.4 A penalty fee of 30 naira is applicable for canceling transportation. No fee is charged if canceled within 5 minutes of order receipt.

3.5 Farerun reserves the right to revoke app usage for excessive cancellations.

4. Use of the Farerun App

4.1 Farerun connects users with transportation service providers. It operates under a non-exclusive license issued by Farerun Operations Ltd.

4.2 The app's functionality may be restricted due to occasional technical errors. Farerun is not liable for losses due to app malfunction.

4.3 Farerun recommends all users to adhere to the safety and emergency features as well as security checks available in the app to guarantee quality of service and safety.

4.4 The consumer's right of refund is not applicable to Farerun app orders.

4.5 Riders must be 18 or older to register. Farerun bears no liability for unaccompanied minors.

4.6 Farerun does not facilitate parcel delivery.

4.7 Farerun helps recover lost items found by drivers at Farerun offices.

5. Registration Conditions

5.1 Farerun adds user data to its database, per its Privacy Policy.

5.2 Farerun may amend Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and transfer the database to third parties.

5.3 Farerun may transfer the database to third parties in case of business or database transfer.

5.4 Farerun may forward personal and bank data to payment intermediaries.

5.5 Farerun may send marketing messages and authentication codes via SMS.

5.6 Farerun encourages only two payment modes: cash and in-app payment (card and wallet).

6. Good Practice of Using the Farerun App

6.1 Farerun cannot guarantee transportation service quality. Issues should be resolved with service providers or relevant authorities.

6.2 Farerun collects ratings and feedback to improve transportation service quality.

6.3 Users are expected to use the app in good faith and be respectful to drivers.

6.4 Farerun strives for drivers with integrity: users are therefore advised to use the safety, emergency and driver checks features to guarantee service quality at all times.

6.5 Criminal complaints must be reported to the police.

6.6 Users making false allegations may face legal consequences.

7. Free Rides Referral Campaign

7.1 Farerun rewards riders with a discount code for every new user they invite.

7.2 The discount code is valid for the new user's first ride.

7.3 Farerun may void codes and block accounts for fraudulent activities.

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